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Hey everybody! My Designs are on Zazzle!

I need opinions…

This economy has been a rough one, and like many of you I’ve fallen on hard times. I am a graphic designer and artist. After being out of work for about 10 months, I decided to look at some different ways in which I could earn some extra money while I continue to search for a job. A friend of mine introduced me to a site called Zazzle.

This site lets you upload your artwork and place it on hundreds of different products. If your design sells on a particular product, you get a royalty from that sale. Now, I’m not expecting to make much, but in this day and age, every little bit helps.

Check out some of my products below. Let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcome! Or click on the icon below and check out Zazzle to create some products of your own!


Other Zazzle Stores…

Some other stores you might be interested in include…

● National Geographic Store ● National Wildlife Federation ● Nature’s Edge Studio

Here are some of the highlights from
My YARDVILLE Nature Store!

River Pebbles Drinking Bottles
River Pebbles Drinking Bottles by MyYARDVILLE
Find more Rocks Water Bottles at Zazzle
Tiger Swallowtails Spiral Notebook
Tiger Swallowtails Spiral Notebook by MyYARDVILLE
See more Butterflies Notebooks at
Pink Hydrangea Ornaments
Pink Hydrangea Ornaments by MyYARDVILLE
Check out other Hydrangea Ornaments at
Explore Your World Tee Shirt
Explore Your World Tee Shirt by MyYARDVILLE
Look at more Kayaking T-Shirts at zazzle
Butterfly Weed Pillow
Butterfly Weed Pillow by MyYARDVILLE
Browse Orange Pillows online at
Petrified Mud Rock Planners
Petrified Mud Rock Planners by MyYARDVILLE
View more Geology Planners at

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