My YARDVILLE Project: Building a Fire Pit

I love the smell of wood smoke! It always reminds me of camping, which were some of my fondest memories growing up. Now that I live in the country, I smell it a lot more. Many of my neighbors will sit outside at night around portable fire pits that they set out on their driveways or patios. I’ve wanted a fire pit of my own for a while now, but my patio is too small and the thought of dragging a fire pit in and out of the garage just never appealed to me. Besides, I wanted to have it in the backyard near my pond and keeping it in the garage would not have been convenient.


This spring, while the days were still cool, I decided to quit procrastinating and attempt it again. Only this time, instead of grading the entire hill, I decided to dig out an area for just the fire pit. I’ll get to the seating area later and probably do it more gradually. First though, I had to level out an area for the fire pit, which meant digging down another 8 inches on the high side. See those rocks in the back of the photo? Those are the rocks that I exposed a few years ago. They are large limestone boulders that were just under my lawn! I’m not sure how big they are, but someone told me they’re probably connected to my neighbor’s yard. My neighbors like to complain about the rocks in their yards, but I personally think they’re cool! You just have to learn to work around them! 🙂


Once I got the area dug out and leveled as best as I could, I spread out a layer of sand and started laying out my first course of landscape blocks.





It’s important to get that first course of blocks as level as you can. It helps to keep your other courses level. (A rubber mallet helps to tap them into place.) It’s not perfect, especially since the blocks themselves aren’t perfectly level, but I did my best.


After that, laying the second and third courses of blocks was easy. I just kept stacking!














Finally, I could insert the metal ring.







I now have my very own fire pit! And the woods behind my yard provide plenty of dead wood for me to burn. I’m looking forward to sitting around the fire at night, listening to the frogs and crickets and gazing up at the stars! Anyone want to join me? 🙂



8 thoughts on “My YARDVILLE Project: Building a Fire Pit

    • I bought it at my local Lowes or you could probably find it at any big box hardware store. You can buy it as a kit or just the metal insert (do a search for fire ring) and then pick out your own stone blocks. I liked it because it was different and (I thought) looked a little nicer than one of those free standing fire pits for the patio. It was fun to do though and I enjoy sitting by the fire! 🙂


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